Me sounds weird saying it Me a whore... well anyway no point beating around the bush (no pun intended ;) ) I am one, whore, prostitute, woman of the night, never quite under stood that last one as i work during the day mainly. Welcome to my blog. it will be filled with all the interesting thinkings of my mind, luckily for you ;)

Tuesday, December 28

Adult work and websites...

So AW was ofline today well technically still is and i have noticed a large increase in people phoning me threw my website, normally i get next to no phone call and ive had 3 in the last hour :D maybe AW should crash more often?? :L Only a shame that people don't read your website and ask for an incall silly boys ;)

Saturday, December 25

Stalker Clients

Today is Christmas eve WOOHOO! (well Christmas by an hour buuuuuut i don't count it as a haven't slept yet )

Since its such a bissy time of the year i ament working but left my work phone on and was shocked to see i had 2 messages and 7missed calls From the same guy im like i know you want to see me but SERIOUSLY find someone else to please you in your oh so despite time of need like im not the only one out there, this seems to be happening quite alot to me people are getting obsessive which is making me not want to see them at all as im worried about what they will be like when i actually do go see them. I do believe the job has a fair whack of odd balls (most harmless) but im unwilling to see someone who is coming across as an obsessive creep as anyone should/ would be.

I saw this photo the other day and made me giggle :D so i thought id share it.

Not sure if there warning the people to watch out if there is prostitution going on here or if they may distract the drivers or if that is the spot that they cross :L

Wednesday, December 22

Hmm Christmas time is an interesting one, mix bad weather with drink and a slight cold you'd think everyone would hate it but people get so excited (me for one!!) but why when were fighting against all this rubbishness happening all around us.

Not sure if its just a bad day or if its actually just my life seems to be SHIT at the moment like im proper buzzing for summer as il be free as a bee and not having to worry about things ive saved up enough money to go travelling which means me moving to France for 3months minim then move up to Spain for a few weeks. I mentioned in my last post about me feeling trapped i hate it :/ i just cant be bothered waiting the 5 or 6months it will take until they come. Im tempted to just leave college now and get a job but tbh that will not happen (i already have two ;) ) my whoring career and my main stream job to stop the father getting suspishious. And im a lazy shit and dont think il manage a full time job would be usefull tho.

Owell moving topics i just rapped up all my presents which is good they look so cool all sitting next to each other anyhoo merry Christmas and happy new year :)
Mia xx
Had a two hour booking the other day on the other side of town which was fun to try and get to in the snow... luckily i found a taxi when i got of the bus and he was lovely. Just ignored it when i was getting my slut gear on (i.e taking off my woollies and shoving on hold ups, heels and touching up my make-up) since there wasn't a door number he went up the snow path to check for me. Anyway when i got to the booking it was actually really good he was so nervous and just really wanted the GFE which i feel i gave excellently and he was very pleased with me we spent like the whole two hours speaking and he came very quickly so yeah wasn't to much hard work for £250.

Hmmm just got a call from a man being like how much for 2hours i told him my website price and he started saying he liked "young girls" which i find very weird and he also said he wanted to get another girl aswell which i find slightly awkward, i just didn't enjoy how he kept asking how old i really was... im not i liar christ mate im no going to come to your door and turn out to be an 64year old man..... so i told him to phone me later and we can talk then :S think il have to ask about him to one of my friends :/ xx
Blehg, im having a pickle of a the past few days basically all my friends are growing up and moving on which is great for them but makes me feel so abandoned and lonely and scared il have no friends( i know pathetic as anything) but its really getting me down and im just like MEH but i know its going to be like great for them im just feeling a little left behind, i left last year so i kinda no how some of my friends felt

Anyway on a more cheerful note I LOVE CHRISTMAS im a extremely not Christian person, (i find Christians annoying) but gosh darn it i love xmas its such a nice time on the year everyones so happy and i love spending the time with my family just eating and chilling. ;)
Mia xx

Friday, December 17

Friday 17th of December

Ive been doing this job for a week now and realised im quite a lazy escort, since i don't "have" to do this i find i turn down alot of work like in the past 2-3days ive turned away at least £800 worth of clients maybe more if they found me threw my website, and tbh i don't really mind as i don't need the money. Its an interesting thought how this job changes your perception of money like FFS its so easy to get, i could be loading it in right now if i wanted to but i wont sacrafise my Mia-time time as its very important to remember your a person not just an object. And how greedy it can make you, i think one of the reasons im not getting greedy and taking every client is that my best friend who knows what i do isnt well off and i just cant handle the idea of her knowing how much im making and growing a slight resentment towards it as i need her support she makes me feel like me again and i love her for it <3

Just a thought but when a guy seems really determined to see you (me) it makes me nervous as im like there is at least another 300 other escorts in my city alone, find one of them! why me... im not even that slim??? but then again im just a wee para teenager :)
Mia xx

Thursday, December 16

Thursday The 16th December

My very first post as a blogger. How exciting!

Here is where i want to keep i diary of what's going on in my life, as an 18year old prostitute. This is to help me remember all the things i probably will forget with time, and would like to remember, and hopefully should be an interesting read.

In the pasted few weeks i have made a life changing decision to become and "escort". I had my first two clients on the 10th almost a week ago now, and i have never felt so exhilarated and thrilled, I love what i do and i do it because i love it :) 

I am not a "classic" case i do not have kids i live with my dad, so no rent or bills to pay, im purely doing this so i can start to save up a decent amount of money so i can buy a house / flat. And i suppose i like many other people out there enjoy being affluent ;) 

The other day I worked out in those two clients i made as much money as i would in 6weeks of my other job! It is only extreemly part time but so is my escorting!! its crazy!!

My first client was a young guy lovely lovely lovely completely my type... was so odd doing that for someone my age (well 21 but close enof) The second one was older like dad age and also had this skin condition which made him flake around the place lucky he came without me even touching him just wanted a massage and the we had sex very fast at the end and he came again after only a min.

So for me it wasnt to bad a experionce :)

Mia xx